Ranch Revival – RawFoodz Salad Dressing

Ranch Revival RawFoodz Salad Dressing

Oh the classic crossroads – to make our own salad dressing or to purchase one!? As much as we actually enjoy making our own salad dressing, it’s also incredibly convenient having pre-made ones on hand for those busier days when we need to spruce up our greens.   Traditional salad dressings can be some of […]

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Seated Rhomboid Scoop Stretch – A Gen-Wifi Solution

Seated Rhomboid Scoop Stretch

Gen-WiFi? Unbeknownst to many, a large portion of our population falls into this category- constantly on cell phones and computers. The rhomboid muscles get a beating from being hunched over and accumulate quite a bit of tensions as a result of knots. This seated rhomboid scoop stretch is one that will not only improve mobility […]

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Raw Avocado Soup – Creamy and Refreshing

Raw Avocado Soup
Preparing raw soups is an excellent way of incorporating more alkaline-rich raw veggies into your diet, and as a bonus, they are also super simple to make. This raw avocado soup recipe seems to be the staff favorite at HDX Fit for its refreshing flavor via cucumber/ginger and creaminess from the avocado.A good rule of [...] Read More

Raw Mesquite Powder

Mesquite Powder

Mesquite powder is a rather new discovery of ours that has truly benefited our baking and raw food. A backyard BBQ may be the first thing that comes to mind with the word mesquite, but this powder comes from ground pods of the mesquite (algorroba) plant – not from the wood of the tree itself. […]

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Simply Bananas – Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream
What’s so bananas about this Banana Ice Cream recipe? How awesomely simple and satisfying it is. This is one of those recipes that completely defies those who claim “sticking to a clean diet is too hard”. Welp, here’s your chance to have your ice cream and eat it too.Maca and cacao’s health benefits work synergistically, [...] Read More

Cobra Stretch – Bhujangasana

Cobra Stretch

The cobra stretch is a relatively simple one that many of us can benefit from tremendously. This stretch alleviates tension from the shoulders, chest, neck and most notably- the abdominals. One of the best ways to stretch your obliques, upper and lower abs is via this pose.   The cobra stretch is especially beneficial for […]

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Tuna Avocado Cups

Tuna Avocado Cups
Who says you can’t play with your food? This Tuna Avocado Cups recipe is one of our favorites to throw together, as it is fun and makes for a nice presentation with minimal effort.Traditional “tuna salad” is played out. Mayo? No thanks. Celery? Boring. Mustard? I’ll refrain. Here, we substituted crispy and delicious Korean pear [...] Read More

Rejuvenative Foods Live Salsa – Zesty Deliciousness

Rejuvenate Foods Live Salsa

Oh salsa. How we love you for your zesty deliciousness. Your sugar, sodium and artificial additives on the other hand- not so much. Luckily, there’s no need to sacrifice your fiesta for your well-being. Introducing Rejuvenative Foods Live Salsa. Not only do you get pure, high-quality ingredients but this delicious salsa also boasts the added […]

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