Rawkin Raw White Chocolate Truffles – Guilt Free Dessert

Rawkin Raw White Chocolate Truffles
We usually like to boast that we’ve discovered a new product for our shopping cart feature, but this product kind of found us. How, you ask? A lovely rep for this product was doing a demo and handing out samples of Rawkin Raw White Chocolate Truffles at our neighborhood Mother’s Market. Needless to say, this [...] Read More

Dorsal Foot Stretch – Show Your Feet Some Love

Shin splints are something many of us are all too familiar with post runs, and cyclists often suffer from tight feet from ankle flexion associated with pushing and pulling of the pedals.When it comes to weight training, stretching your feet is crucial to maintaining healthy legs and back muscles.This Dorsal Foot stretch in particular will [...] Read More

Paleo Plantain Bread – Cheat Day Treat

Paleo Plantain Bread
Plantains are one of those mysterious items of produce that some stray far away from due to lack of knowledge of recipes. Not to worry- we’re here to open your eyes and hearts to this amazing banana-esque fruit… which happens to actually be a vegetable.Plantains, in essence, look like old ripe bananas. In contrast- they [...] Read More

Chi Licious Coconut Candy

Chi Licious Coconut Candy
Paleo sweets are something we always try to keep on our radar. Although it’s rare that we’ll indulge- we are always getting asked about somewhat healthy versions, as let’s face it, people get cravings all the time. We’d rather have some relatively clean candy on hand instead of junk, so here we introduce Chi Licious [...] Read More

HDX Warrior Pose

HDX Warrior Pose
Behold - our absolute favorite yoga pose. There are three different variations of the famous Warrior Pose - 1, 2 and 3. Our HDX Warrior Pose version is a take on Warrior 1. In yogaic terms, this pose is meant to symbolize a brave warrior prior to an attack- safe to say this one’s perfectly [...] Read More

Bison Sweet Potato Hash

Bison Sweet Potato Hash
This Bison Sweet Potato Hash recipe blossomed from a lazy Sunday morning and quickly became one of our new favorite recipes.We basically got in the kitchen and threw this together based on what was available in the pantry. Feel free to substitute spices, add extra veggies, or do whatever your little heart desires- and make [...] Read More

Cauliflower = Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice

This week’s shopping cart item isn’t something too new and exciting for most of you out there…. It’s cauliflower. But we’re not talking plain old cauliflower florets- behold the delicious and versatile cauliflower RICE that is a result of simply pulsing raw cauliflower in the blender to create rice granules.   Making the transition into […]

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Wide Legged Forward Fold – Prasarita Padottanasana

Wide Legged Forward Fold
This wide legged forward fold stretch is just what your hamstrings have been waiting for. Easy to execute, the wide legged forward fold is one that will elongate the back of your body and relieve massive amounts of tension from your neck and spine. This stretch is both a forward fold and inversion, so it [...] Read More

Mexican Power Coffee aka Cup of Jose

Mexican Power Coffee
No sugar. All Spice. Wanna switch up your usual cup of metabolic joe? Give this spicy Mexican Power Coffee goodness a whirl.  Enjoy for breaky or as a preworkout,Feel free to add a tablespoon of whey and a couple of grams of glutamine for even more superhero powers.Prep Time: Around 5 minutesMexican Power Coffee Ingredients:1 [...] Read More