Orange County Hot Spots – Lorna Jane

Orange County Hot Spot Lorna Jane 1

You have to find motivation to get to the gym anywhere you can. Upcoming vacation? Making your ex-boyfriend jealous? For me, cute fitness apparel keeps me motivated and feeling good during my workouts. Not to mention, nowadays “athleisure wear” is socially acceptable all the time! It’s not uncommon to wear your yoga pants to the […]

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Orange County Hot Spots – The Olive Pit

The Olive Pit Salad

As a Health-Nazi who it’s a challenge to write a review on a restaurant, mostly because when I go to a place I like I usually eat the same thing every time (In this case Lamp Chops with Rocka Salad and tabbouleh) However with this little gem its easy, they have plenty of delicious and healthy items you […]

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Burning the Candle at Both Ends – Boost your Immune System

immune system
Burning the candle at both ends3 foods and 3 supplements to fireproof your immune system this festive seasonWe all know what the festive season means. It starts with chowing down on candy and partying at Halloween, then on to stuffing our faces for thanks giving, Christmas parties and then the coup de grace – New [...] Read More

HDX Fit Eagle Pose – Bald Eagle Arms

We decided to give the traditional Eagle Pose an HDX remix, and what better reincarnation that of a glorious all-American bald eagle?!Our take on this Eagle pose is one that focuses purely on the upper body, opposed to the traditional yoga pose, which binds both the upper and lower halves of your body.This eagle variation [...] Read More

Creamy Tahini Dressing – Dipping Goodness

We are huge proponents of eating a plethora of green veggies, and one tip we always give our clients is to stock your fridge with pre-washed and chopped organic veggies for whenever hunger happens to strike. For those of you who like preparing items in advance- this Creamy Tahini dressing will be your savoir. This [...] Read More

Julian Bakery Paleo Wraps

Paleo Wraps
Pseudo-wraps can be classified as one of those tricky items that are incredibly easy to mess up, whether they’re homemade or store bought. We have become experts at two things- messing up the homemade version and then purchasing carboard-esque creations. That being said, we have to give it up to Julian Bakery for creating these [...] Read More

TRX Back and Hip Stretch

TRX Back and Hip Stretch
The TRX (Total Body Resistance) suspension-training device can be a fun, and sometimes confusing, tool to switch up your workouts. This unique structure allows your body to move through movements quite freely: via single plane and multi-planar or 3D movements. In our day-to-day lives, our bodies move through frontal and transverse planes- so why not [...] Read More

Paleo Gummy Candy – Coconut Jello Bites

Coconut Jello Bites
These Coconut Jello Bites bring back childhood nostalgia in its purest form: gummy candy and Jello. There are few things that scream kid-friendly such as gummy worms, Jello and gummy bears.Some may consider these candy and guilty treats, but it turns out that the gelatinous properties held in these coconut jello bites are not only [...] Read More