Orange County Hot Spot – Peters Canyon

Peters Canyon is central Orange County’s Weekend Warrior oasis. Peters Canyon Regional Park is located in the city of Orange, right on the border of Tustin and Irvine. It’s easy to get to from either Jamboree, Newport Avenue or Chapman Avenue, making it one of the most accessible hiking spots in Orange County. There are a couple of main […]

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Orange County Hot Spot – Koi Sushi

Koi Sushi Blog Feature Image

Koi Sushi is hands down my favorite sushi restaurant, not just Orange County but anywhere I’ve been in the world. Not that I’m a big globetrotter or anything but I have been enough places to draw comparison. I have been eating here for around 8 years and these days I eat here at least once […]

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Orange County Hot Spot – Bronzed Bunny Tanning Salon

Bronzed Bunny Tanning Salon Feature Image

My grandmother used to say- “If you can’t tone it- TAN it.” Ok, my grandmother never said that. Although if she knew about The Bronzed Bunny tanning salon she probably would have said it because that is some seriously good advice. Nothing makes me feel more confident in a bathing suit or a sundress than […]

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Orange County Hot Spot – Bodywork by Jess

Bodywork by Jess Feature Image

For this week’s Orange County Hot Spot, I wanted to let you know about Bodywork by Jess, my go-to spot for hands on bodywork. Bodywork is one of those terms that is hard to define. Mosby’s Dictionary of Complementary and Alternative Medicine defines massage as “the application of diverse manual techniques of touch and stroking […]

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Orange County Hot Spots – Rutabegorz

I’ve been going to Rutabegorz for 8 years and I still have no idea how to pronounce the name. To hide my ignorance, I just call it “Ruta’s”. Rutabegorz has been leading the way in developing a healthier standard for eating out, long before it became “hip and cool” to do so. Established in 1970, […]

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Orange County Hot Spots – Spa Aesthetica

Spa Aesthetica Orange County Featured Image

HDX Fit is full of natural beauties, but let’s be honest, sometimes we all could use a little…help. And that help comes in the form of chemical peels, laser treatments, fillers and Botox. Spa Aesthetica offers all that and more in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere just down the street from our HQ location, in Orange. […]

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Orange County Hot Spots – Electric City Butchers

Electric City Butchers Profile

Electric City Butchers, in downtown Santa Ana, truly is one of the great hidden Hot Spots of Orange County. Tucked away inside Alta Baja in the 4th street market, Electric City Butchers is an Old World style Butcher shop that reminds me of the days when being a butcher was a craft, not an after […]

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