Butterfly Stretch

Jennifer Aniston Butterfly Stretch

Groin muscle strain is a common ailment that affects high school athletes, runners and power lifters. The adductor muscles are a group of three muscles in our thighs that are responsible for opening and closing the legs and stabilization when standing and walking. When left unattended to, they are prone to strain and discomfort – […]

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Straight Leg Lunge

Straight Leg Lunge Stretch
This Straight Leg Lunge stretch is probably one of the simplest yet effective stretches to target those hammies. It’s easy to neglect these muscles, and they tend to cause the most pain/discomfort after a heavy leg day or sprinting.Tightness in this area will also limit pelvic motion, which in turn causes stress across the lower [...] Read More

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog
Downward Facing Dog is one of the most popular yoga stretches and one of the most important ones to master. Because of this popularity, yoga instructors tend to assume student’s are well seasoned with it and fail to instruct the unfamiliar. This Downward Facing Dog pose is one that, when done correctly, will stretch your [...] Read More

Good Morning Stretch

Let’s take it back to the basics for this week’s stretch. A Good Morning Stretch is a way to energize and lengthen your entire body, it’s simple yet fundamental for all of us.In yoga terminology, Urdhva Hastasana stretches the sides of the body, spine, shoulders and core. It is said to improve digestion and creates [...] Read More

Kneeling Sprinters Stretch

We tend to pay adequate attention to stretching the outer calf (gastrocnemius) and can neglect the smaller part of our calf muscles, the soleus. Our calves consist of these two muscles and both should be trained and stretched specifically. This muscle is located right under the gastrocnemius and should be shown plenty of love as [...] Read More

Standing Back Roll Stretch

Sparing a few seconds a day stretching your back will not only help to alleviate back pain, but also improve your overall posture. Stretching this area of your body using this standing back roll stretch, will increase blood flow to the area and alleviate tension that builds up from not only back-specific exercises, but daily [...] Read More

Table Wrist Stretch

Wrist mobility is imperative for not only fitness functions, but daily life. Improving this mobility via flexion and extension will ensure your grip in the weight room is up to par, and everyday functions like handling groceries and handling your kids remain fluid. This is definitely a task that gets overlooked but showing your wrists [...] Read More

Sitting Shin Stretch

Our shins are often overlooked and not specifically stretched. Got shin splints? Bust out this sitting shin stretch for almost immediate comfort. This is a stretch that should be utilized by runners and non-runners alike, as it effectively stretches the entire front side of your lower body, especially the shins and quads. You will feel [...] Read More

Standing Post Bicep Stretch

We have all seen those certain gym folk with those freakishly rotund / protruding biceps... They clearly haven't taken adequate time to stretch those biceps after a proper curl session. Try this Standing Post Bicep Stretch and don't neglect these muscles, as they are often put through acute bouts of heavy weight.Many people attempt to [...] Read More