Gopal’s Power Wraps

Gopal’s Power Wraps

One of the challenges we face when traveling, especially to foreign countries, is safe snacking. Wandering through new and exotic grocery stores can be an adventure in itself and a unique opportunity to get an inside peak into the new country’s eating habits.   When traveling through Australia last month, we stumbled upon Gopal’s Power […]

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Two Moms in the Raw Nut Bars

Shopping Cart This shopping cart is dedicated to those Moms trying to find healthy option for school lunches. We’re all about an awesome substitution for your typical granola bars – Two Moms in the Raw Nut Bars.   These Two Moms in the Raw Nut Bars are 100% organic, raw, wheat-free, dairy-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free […]

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Wonderfully Raw Coco-Roons

Shopping Cart   Appeasing one’s sweet tooth wisely can definitely be tricky at times, but Wonderfully Raw Coco-Roons has pretty much nailed it.   We stumbled across these little gems while browsing the aisles at Mother’s Market… what’s new. We saw that they had minimal ingredients, were organic, gluten & dairy free and low in […]

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Tanka Buffalo Bars

Grabbing wrapped treats for on-the-go lifestyles is far from what we like to condone as healthy eating here at HDX Fit, but brace yourselves for this week’s cart item: Tanka Buffalo Bars. Shelf-stability and convenience in a bar is finally HDX Fit-approved!Tanka Buffalo Bars greeted us whilst waiting in line at Sprouts. Our ADD is [...] Read More

Lilys Dark Chocolate Bars

Let’s be honest- we all have chocolate cravings. You know exactly which ones I’m referring to specifically: the moment of weakness at the end of the grocery line. We are faced with a plethora of sugar-ladden, GMO-filled, artificial monstrosities which may seem very appealing whilst your blood sugar is slipping down. Please don’t succumb to [...] Read More

Coconut Flour

Everybody loves the occasional treat, HDX Fit members included, so why not look for simple substitutions to make these treats less of a guilty burden. One of our favorite desert substitutions out there is the all-mighty coconut flour.Are you surprised? Another form of coconut? Absolutely. This gluten-free and grain-free coconut flour has been rapidly gaining [...] Read More

Ground Bison

Want to kick up your next BBQ? Swap those ground beef patties for ground bison. Bison has been slowly gaining popularity amongst popular restaurant menus, you can spot them in many avant-garde orange county menus. Consumers are usually wary about trying new meats but bison has been gaining loyal fans as more people are being [...] Read More

Coconut Butter

We have been huge coconut oil proponents for a while now, but coconut butter is a newfound love of ours after hearing about its copious uses via a Weston A. Price conference. How exactly does it differ from coconut oil? Coconut butter is coconut flesh that has been blended and pureed into a buttery consistency, [...] Read More

Kelp Noodles

Want to paleo-ify your chow mein and stir fries? Grab a bag of kelp noodles. These delicious little faux-noodles will help you refrain from your noodle cravings. They are a great addition to most Asian recipes, as they carry a slight taste of the ocean and an amazingly crunchy texture. Try tossing them into your salads, [...] Read More