Julian Bakery Paleo Wraps

Paleo Wraps
Pseudo-wraps can be classified as one of those tricky items that are incredibly easy to mess up, whether they’re homemade or store bought. We have become experts at two things- messing up the homemade version and then purchasing carboard-esque creations. That being said, we have to give it up to Julian Bakery for creating these [...] Read More

Rawkin Raw White Chocolate Truffles – Guilt Free Dessert

Rawkin Raw White Chocolate Truffles
We usually like to boast that we’ve discovered a new product for our shopping cart feature, but this product kind of found us. How, you ask? A lovely rep for this product was doing a demo and handing out samples of Rawkin Raw White Chocolate Truffles at our neighborhood Mother’s Market. Needless to say, this [...] Read More

Chi Licious Coconut Candy

Chi Licious Coconut Candy
Paleo sweets are something we always try to keep on our radar. Although it’s rare that we’ll indulge- we are always getting asked about somewhat healthy versions, as let’s face it, people get cravings all the time. We’d rather have some relatively clean candy on hand instead of junk, so here we introduce Chi Licious [...] Read More

Cauliflower = Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice

This week’s shopping cart item isn’t something too new and exciting for most of you out there…. It’s cauliflower. But we’re not talking plain old cauliflower florets- behold the delicious and versatile cauliflower RICE that is a result of simply pulsing raw cauliflower in the blender to create rice granules.   Making the transition into […]

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Ranch Revival – RawFoodz Salad Dressing

Ranch Revival RawFoodz Salad Dressing

Oh the classic crossroads – to make our own salad dressing or to purchase one!? As much as we actually enjoy making our own salad dressing, it’s also incredibly convenient having pre-made ones on hand for those busier days when we need to spruce up our greens.   Traditional salad dressings can be some of […]

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Raw Mesquite Powder

Mesquite Powder

Mesquite powder is a rather new discovery of ours that has truly benefited our baking and raw food. A backyard BBQ may be the first thing that comes to mind with the word mesquite, but this powder comes from ground pods of the mesquite (algorroba) plant – not from the wood of the tree itself. […]

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Rejuvenative Foods Live Salsa – Zesty Deliciousness

Rejuvenate Foods Live Salsa

Oh salsa. How we love you for your zesty deliciousness. Your sugar, sodium and artificial additives on the other hand- not so much. Luckily, there’s no need to sacrifice your fiesta for your well-being. Introducing Rejuvenative Foods Live Salsa. Not only do you get pure, high-quality ingredients but this delicious salsa also boasts the added […]

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Tosi SuperBites – Energy-Dense Portable Snacks

Tosi SuperBites

Calling all trail-mix addicts- we have something new for you to munch on: Tosi SuperBites. These gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, organic morsels of nutty goodness offer a satisfying crunch sans guilt and mystery fillers. These are great substitutions for your standard “granola”, trail mix and other energy-dense portable snacks. Best of all- they are LOCAL. This […]

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Parma – a Parmesan Cheese Alternative

Parma Seasoning

Transitioning into an evolution-based diet is sometimes a difficult transition for many, mostly due to the absence of certain comfort foods. One guilty staple that we know we must avoid like the plague is Parmesan cheese… This stuff is essentially sprinkled all over classic dishes as if it were magical fairy dust. We here at […]

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