Creamy Tahini Dressing – Dipping Goodness

We are huge proponents of eating a plethora of green veggies, and one tip we always give our clients is to stock your fridge with pre-washed and chopped organic veggies for whenever hunger happens to strike. For those of you who like preparing items in advance- this Creamy Tahini dressing will be your savoir. This [...] Read More

Paleo Gummy Candy – Coconut Jello Bites

Coconut Jello Bites
These Coconut Jello Bites bring back childhood nostalgia in its purest form: gummy candy and Jello. There are few things that scream kid-friendly such as gummy worms, Jello and gummy bears.Some may consider these candy and guilty treats, but it turns out that the gelatinous properties held in these coconut jello bites are not only [...] Read More

Paleo Plantain Bread – Cheat Day Treat

Paleo Plantain Bread
Plantains are one of those mysterious items of produce that some stray far away from due to lack of knowledge of recipes. Not to worry- we’re here to open your eyes and hearts to this amazing banana-esque fruit… which happens to actually be a vegetable.Plantains, in essence, look like old ripe bananas. In contrast- they [...] Read More

Bison Sweet Potato Hash

Bison Sweet Potato Hash
This Bison Sweet Potato Hash recipe blossomed from a lazy Sunday morning and quickly became one of our new favorite recipes.We basically got in the kitchen and threw this together based on what was available in the pantry. Feel free to substitute spices, add extra veggies, or do whatever your little heart desires- and make [...] Read More

Mexican Power Coffee aka Cup of Jose

Mexican Power Coffee
No sugar. All Spice. Wanna switch up your usual cup of metabolic joe? Give this spicy Mexican Power Coffee goodness a whirl.  Enjoy for breaky or as a preworkout,Feel free to add a tablespoon of whey and a couple of grams of glutamine for even more superhero powers.Prep Time: Around 5 minutesMexican Power Coffee Ingredients:1 [...] Read More

Raw Avocado Soup – Creamy and Refreshing

Raw Avocado Soup
Preparing raw soups is an excellent way of incorporating more alkaline-rich raw veggies into your diet, and as a bonus, they are also super simple to make. This raw avocado soup recipe seems to be the staff favorite at HDX Fit for its refreshing flavor via cucumber/ginger and creaminess from the avocado.A good rule of [...] Read More

Simply Bananas – Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream
What’s so bananas about this Banana Ice Cream recipe? How awesomely simple and satisfying it is. This is one of those recipes that completely defies those who claim “sticking to a clean diet is too hard”. Welp, here’s your chance to have your ice cream and eat it too.Maca and cacao’s health benefits work synergistically, [...] Read More

Tuna Avocado Cups

Tuna Avocado Cups
Who says you can’t play with your food? This Tuna Avocado Cups recipe is one of our favorites to throw together, as it is fun and makes for a nice presentation with minimal effort.Traditional “tuna salad” is played out. Mayo? No thanks. Celery? Boring. Mustard? I’ll refrain. Here, we substituted crispy and delicious Korean pear [...] Read More