Burning the Candle at Both Ends – Boost your Immune System

immune system
Burning the candle at both ends3 foods and 3 supplements to fireproof your immune system this festive seasonWe all know what the festive season means. It starts with chowing down on candy and partying at Halloween, then on to stuffing our faces for thanks giving, Christmas parties and then the coup de grace – New [...] Read More

Halloween Candy Alternatives

It's that time of year again... swim suits get traded in for boots and scarves, you can find pumpkin spiced anything, and there's Halloween candy EVERYWHERE. The holiday season is creeping up on us and it is starting with Halloween. We see fun sized, bite sized sugar bombs in tempting glass bowls. We pull them [...] Read More

In the Kitchen with Stu: “Date Night Dinner”

This article is going to address a couple of misconceptions: healthy food can't be delicious, and more specifically, you can't have delicious meals without cheating. I am going to take you through a 3-course “date night dinner" that will save many of you out there from falling into a food coma and feeling guilty when [...] Read More

A Two-Minute Case for Going Back to Basics

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean your fitness has to be.Now that summer is over and fall has begun, it is sometimes challenging to find new motivation to push yourself and to stay on top of your fitness goals. During the summer we tend to be doing more outdoor activities and we are more [...] Read More

Childhood Obesity: A Dad’s Perspective

It’s fall again and for some of our clients that means getting kids ready to go back to school. It also happens to be that time of year when our country takes on the annual pilgrimage to discuss childhood obesity. This is an issue that is important to our HDX family as we feel firmly [...] Read More

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

A Two-Minute Rant on Childhood Obesity Awareness MonthThis month is “Childhood Obesity Awareness Month”, a month where we are supposed to have our attention drawn to the fact that children are now suffering at an alarming rate from poor lifestyle choices - according to the website healthierkidsbrighterfutures.org more than 23 million children and teenagers in [...] Read More

Gluten Free

Like all movements that start out with benevolent intention and sound underlying science, the “gluten free” movement has been preyed upon by marketers and advertisers. “gluten free” has become a catch phrase in recent times. Let me be crystal clear here, going gluten free is absolutely a good thing. At HDX Fit we are all [...] Read More